Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

Given there are a lot of rules in the credit card processing industry these days, it may become difficult for legitimate nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sales companies to secure a functioning merchant account. Those with legitimate pharmacy licenses can ensure a smooth process in securing a merchant accounts, even onshore, and for those without, it may be a more intricate process. Despite the good faith of most merchants, customers wishing to purchase in these industries are at risk of losing their money in several ways, whether it be by being sent fake products by the company in question or having their nutraceuticals detained by customs and quarantine in certain countries, even if the product is not pharmaceutical.

However, these nutraceutical and pharmaceutical businesses are obviously immensely profitable – for businesses conducting real trade with proper products and tracking as well as refunds to put the customers’ minds at ease, there are certain options available for merchant accounts in different jurisdictions, onshore and offshore.

As per our other articles regarding chargebacks for customers purchasing online goods, those who are in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical merchant accounts industry may be at risk of chargebacks, and thus for any new applications for merchant accounts in these industries, 3-6 months of good solid processing history is encouraged, regardless if you are situated on the terminated merchant file or have any other outstanding issues.

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