Casino Merchant Accounts

It is no doubt online casinos and online poker enterprises are massive industries. Even here in Australia, up to 80% of Australians gamble per year, and up to $11 billion dollars is gambled (away) each year.

Even a 1% share of 11 billion dollars amounts to $110 million dollars in revenue. Moreover a mere 0.1% market share of this geo-specific revenue comes to $11 million dollars in revenue.

For honest enterprises in the business of gaming, it can no doubt be difficult to secure a sustainable merchant account for processing. Additionally, with the various international laws on gaming, which varies widely between continents, it can be difficult to ensure maximal exposure and processing ability of your casino.

Evidentially the stakes are high in both running a online casino as well as maintaining a casino merchant accounts behind the accounting aspect of the casino. At all times, a legitimate casino must monitor players’ behaviour for fraud, risk and theft. As a result, it can be difficult for online casinos to maintain a merchant account, especially in their country of registration.

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