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Smoking, whether it be electronically or tobacco based, is an extremely profitable pastime of Australians. eCigarettes are an alleged 21st Century alternative to the noted harmful effects of tobacco inhalation. There are a host of issues that can occur with selling eCigarettes online in Australia, including, but not limited to, being sold counterfeit or contaminated products, too low or too high efficacy, undisclosed ingredients, as well as not meeting highly stringent Australian manufacturing standards.

It is therefore advantageous for Australian customers to be able to easily and safely buy eCigarettes online on home soil. The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has put in place some guidelines and pitfalls Australian customers may run into when purchasing eCigarettes both online and instore. Accoridng to the TGA, businesses wishing to import and supply eCigarettes to Australian consumers should become a sponsor of the product so that it can be evaluated appropriately by the TGA. Fortunately this means that Australian customers should be able to enjoy peace of mind when purchasing eCigarettes online because products which are intended to be sold appropriately should be registered with the TGA. From the eCigarette Merchant Account point of view, and without delving into the efficacy of products, customers are statistically less likely to raise disputes and chargebacks against Australian businesses with regards to faulty or inadequate products.

Moreover, it is a much more streamlined process for Australian registered companies to be able to acquire merchant accounts for processing credit card transactions for their eCigarette client customers.

To enquire about the different options available for Australian businesses to get an ecigarette merchant account in Australia call us on 03 9111 5797 to discuss the options including applying for and owning your own merchant facility for your business or even more simply, aggregating your sales within another business’ processing volume. This second option is a great solution for startup businesses too and without any processing history.


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