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Australia is a land of opportunity coming in at the top quintile of places to do business in the world. Simple rules and regulations that are easy to follow allow Australian companies to operate succinctly.

As Australia recognises, to the full extent, equal rights and non-discrimination in both the community and workplace, the general population accepts people from all walks of life. This means adult industry businesses in Australia are fortunately able to easily acquire adult merchant accounts on home soil due to the simple and streamlined process of risk assessment completed by both companies and individuals – it is well accepted that Australian customers are among the most trustworthy customers worldwide, patient in dispute outcomes, as well as being able to find solutions to transaction issues without even having to call the bank.

In the USA, we can see that among the top 5 cities for chargeback ratios, some cities such as Show Low in Arizona and Port Washington in New York, boast charge back ratios of between 1.7%-2.2% per year… Given that Visa and MasterCard set their “alarm bell” rate at over 1%, this can become cumbersome for merchants throughout the USA as businesses and banks have trouble finding amicable ground with regards to processing rates and distributing fines for chargebacks.

Adult businesses in Australia can easily accept credit card payments both instore and online by contacting us directly on 03 9111 5797 to discuss volume, pricing and options for acquiring a local Australian bank or processor willing to work with such businesses as yours.



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