Holdback, chargeback fee and processing rates negotiable & waivable depending on industry and perceived risk level.

Around the world banks operate with different rules, timezones and strategies. As we delve deeper into the pro’s and con’s of each jurisdiction, it becomes evident that there are systems in place to protect both the customer and merchant, as well as the bank.

Fortunately, in Australia there are many options for merchant accounts and payment gateways over the country. A list of not so popular (but willing to work with you) merchants and payment gateway providers are available on request. These include aggregated accounts as well as personalised merchant accounts.

For example, in the USA, the nutraceutical and supplements category of sales unfortunately falls under the category of “high risk” due to the nature of sales, disputes, charge backs and a whole range of other factors. However, in Australia these categories can simply, and easily, fall under normal, or low risk category of merchant account sales due to the nature of Australian customers. Customer service and trust among the general population between the business sector and consumers is high here. In the USA or China, a merchant may experience a high amount of chargebacks for this category of sales transaction, however it can be very simple and easy to secure a reputable payment gateway or merchant account provider here in Australia.

Additionally, there are added benefits of maintaining a local merchant account as opposed to an international, or offshore merchant account, for high risk categories. Some of these benefits include same day settlement of transaction funds: as the customer resides in Australia, it is easy for banks to accept payments due to Australia-to-Australia transaction processes, whereas if you were to acquire a merchant account in China, for example, sometimes your customers’ cards may be declined by the Australian issuing bank if your customer has never ordered anything from outside Australia!

Furthermore, it is easier for an Australian bank to dispute a local transaction and come to an amicable solution rather than call an international bank – for a variety of reasons including language barriers, processing times, alternative bank rules as well as varied business hours. All these factors can hinder a client’s business, from accruing an excessive chargeback ratio, all the way to having customers cards declined – nobody wants customers cards being declined, especially when they are already at the checkout page of your shopping cart or website!


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